Building Amenities


WGVCV Building Access

Please ensure Door Authorizers enter information into Hitachi to prepare for your move. Your department will be granted elevator access to Floors 1-4 for common area access, and your floor the day after your move and set up.


Building Signage for COVID-19

Facilities will be putting all the floor stickers, maximum occupancy signage, and hand washing reminders in the common area reception areas, elevator lobbies, restrooms, kitchens and conference rooms over the next two weeks.

When moving into your areas, please include additional signage reminding occupants to wear face masks etc. The link to additional printable signage for departments primarily in the reception areas, refrigerator and microwaves (Downloadable 1. and 2 links):

Also this assessment will cover the need for physical distancing barriers and a site contact would eliminate the need for the department to request an additional survey. Choose “Physical Distance Barriers” drop down on page below:


Destination Dispatch Elevators

The elevators for the tower are equipped with the Destination Dispatch system which requires Access/ID cards to be activated for use and floor access privileges.

1)    To use, press the destination floor number at any kiosk and swipe card at the bottom of the kiosk

2)     If access is granted, the kiosk will indicate which elevator cab (A-D) to use

3)     Enter specified cab. The destination floor number will appear at the cab entry door jamb.

1 2 3







A few items to note about the elevator:






  • There are no floor selection buttons inside the elevator. If you enter the wrong cab or go to the wrong floor, you will need to exit the elevator and use the kiosk with access card to call the elevator to the desired floor.
  • If the passenger enters an elevator and it does not move, and there is no floor number on the display panel by the upper part of the door. They need to press the door open button to open the door to exit the elevator.
  • The elevator does not know the number of passengers entering the elevator. If a group of people are going to the same floor, then additional passengers press their desired floor. It will assign the elevator to go to those desired floors also even though the additional passengers did not get into the elevator.
  • The elevator does not know about the COVID-19 maximum occupancy amount and will assign more people than the maximum amount. Thus passengers will stop at additional floors than desired. One possible solution is to wait until one elevator leaves and then start to push the desired floor. Or to group passengers by floor to avoid having unnecessary stops.


Retail Services | 1st/2nd Floor Conference Rooms | Hotel Hub | Outdoor Terrace | Town Centers | Lactation Rooms | Indoor Biking | Shower

Retail Services

Retail Services is also pleased to announce that Caffe Central will be the café tenant in the Wayne and Gladys Valley Center for Vision.  Locally owned and operate by longtime UCSF food service partner Ramin Vahabi, Caffe Central is part of the Segafood Group that includes Caffe Central locations at Parnassus, Union Square, San Francisco Centre, and Burlingame, as well as Sol Grind in Pacifica. Ramin and his team are excited and committed to providing high quality food and beverages to the UCSF community at this new location in Mission Bay. A catering menu will also be available.  To learn more about Caffe Central visit their website:

Other retail services include Smart Choice snack vending and Healthy Beverage beverage vending provided by Canteen.  An ATM and Laundry Lockers may be available.  We are still working with our retail partners on these two options.  For more information about Retail Services visit:

1st & 2nd Floor Conference Rooms

*EMS is the reservation platform for these shared conference rooms. Reservations for WGVCV Conference Rooms are currently on hold due to the interim policy on large events and gatherings:


  • Departments moving to the Wayne and Gladys Valley Center for Vision (WGVCV) will be able to book events at a new, 4,500 square feet of flexible conference center space located on the 1st and 2nd floors of the building. This new space, the Valley Conference Center, replaces the conference center at Laurel Heights, and will have rental fees similar to the Millberry Meeting and Event Center, at Parnassus.
  • Customers will be able to request reservations through MyAccess via Event Management Software (EMS).  Additionally, a dedicated event specialist will be assigned to the new conference center to provide customers with support and guidance on a full range of catering options, plus AV/IT amenities.
  • The VenuVenue Space is managed by UCSF Campus Life Services,’ Conference and Event Services. For questions regarding WGVCV Conference Center, contact CeeCee Shinn, at [email protected].
  • For more information about Conference and Event Services visit:



Outdoor Terrace: Located on the 4th Floor will be open to all building occupants.

Town Centers

Each Floor town center is equipped with 2 refrigerators and 2 microwaves, all commercial grade. More details of the layout and furniture can be found in the Furniture Finishes file on the website/in box:

There are Water Fountains and a Bottle Filling station is located outside the restrooms on each floor, but if you would like a purified water dispenser that includes a hot water feature or if you would like a coffee machine for your floor, those are not included and would need to be brought separately. There are water and power hook-ups available in the town center ready for this. Some options for the purified water dispenser can be found here:

Indoor bike parking Managed by Transportation Services. Details will be shared as they become available. Note that bicycles are not permitted in the building beyond the indoor parking.

Showers will be card reader access and details are still being finalized.

The Hotel Hub on the 3rd Floor is a touch-down space for all UCSF colleagues to access when they are visiting the Wayne and Gladys Valley Center for Vision for a meeting and need a place to work. The space will feature a variety of work areas and day use lockers for visitors to securely store their belongings. More details will be shared soon!

Lactation Rooms for nursing mothers are on Floors 1 and 7 and can accommodate two individuals.