Floor Working Groups

Floor working groups have been appointed and will be developing building operations guidelines and recommendations to be approved by the Building Governance Committee. The guidelines will be standard across all UCSF Open Plan buildings with adjustments made to accommodate different functions or occupant groups on each floor or building.

Building Governance Committee, Feb 2019

Appointment Letter

The Wayne and Gladys Valley Center for Vision (on Block 33) Building Governance Committee was appointed on February 27, 2019. The Committee is formed to provide oversight and management decisions on items that affect the building as a whole, including but not limited to:

  • Establish and modify protocols around building public areas;
  • Establish building-wide communications plan;
  • Establish building policies that would be applied to the floor level (such as digital display funding, building-wide print management);
  • Establish signature and wayfinding standards for the building;
  • Validate Service Level Agreements with service providers and communicate to building occupants;
  • Develop shared cost policy communications, and
  • Adjudicate issues that cannot be solved at the Floor level.


Committee Members

  1. Nisha Acharya, Proctor Foundation, Co-Chair
  2. Michael Fortes, University Relations
  3. James Joves, School of Pharmacy
  4. Bryan Lin, Healthforce Center at UCSF
  5. Wendy Max, School of Nursing, Co-Chair
  6. Stephen McLeod, Department of Ophthalmology
  7. Suzanne Murphy, Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost
  8. Alejandra Rincon, Diversity and Outreach
  9. Edward Samayoa, University Relations
  10. Karin Wong, School of Medicine


Building Programming Committee, Dec 2016-Dec 2018

The Wayne and Gladys Valley Center for Vision (on Block 33) Building Programming Committee began meeting in December of 2016. This committee represented stakeholders and was responsible for major decisions regarding design, scope, budget, funding and schedule. The committee completed its charge in December 2018 and a new Building Governance Committee was formed and appointed in February 2019.


Committee Members

  1. Michael Bade, Co-Chair, Associate Vice Chancellor and Campus Architect, Capital Programs
  2. Bruce Wintroub, Co-Chair, Vice Dean, School of Medicine
  3. Nisha Acharya, Professor, Ophthalmology
  4. Claire Brindis, Professor and Director, SOM Institute for Health Policy Studies
  5. Atul Butte, Professor and Director, Institute for Computational Health Sciences
  6. Steve Downs, Executive Director, University Development and Alumni Relations
  7. Jacque Duncan, Professor, Ophthalmology
  8. Michael Fortes, Manager, University Relations
  9. Kathy Giacomini, Professor, School of Pharmacy, Drug Development/CERSI
  10. Thomas Lietman, Professor and Director, Ophthalmology, Proctor Foundation
  11. Ron Lipsy, Assistant Director, Medical Center Strategic Development
  12. Bonnie Maler, Associate Dean, SOM Dean's Office
  13. Wendy Max, Professor and Director, School of Nursing, Institute for Health and Aging
  14. Stephen McLeod, Professor and Chair, Ophthalmology
  15. Chuck McCulloch, Professor, Epidemiology and Biostatistics and Academic Senate Representative
  16. Patrick McGee, Senior Project Manager, Capital Programs
  17. Maric Munn, Director, Facilities Services
  18. Suzanne Murphy, Director, Executive Vice Chancellor/Provost Office
  19. Ayman Naseri, Professor, Ophthalmology
  20. Michael Nordberg, Associate Dean, School of Pharmacy, Dean's Office
  21. Maria Novelero, Associate Chair, Department of Medicine
  22. Alejandra Rincon, Chief of Staff, Vice Chancellor of Diversity and Outreach
  23. Bob Rhine, Director, Budget and Resource Management
  24. Don Rudy, Deputy Campus Architect, Capital Programs
  25. Janet Shim, Chair, Deptment of Social And Behavioral Sciences
  26. Karin Wong, Director, SOM Dean's Office