Cleaning: Surplus/Dispose/Recycle

  1. Recycling
  2. Surplus
  3. After Move Cleaning
  4. Moving from LHTS to WGVCV (special instructions-- see below).

Recycling & Waste Reduction

Contact UCSF Recycling & Waste Reduction Program for assessment of space. This free assessment will help determine what services or items the program can remove free of charge.

Extra service/bins - Submit Facilities Work Orders -

  • Garbage bins/service - Facilities is not equipped to loan out garbage bins but extra service can be established for your space. Custodial Services prefers that you designate a larger container or room within the space that will have extra service versus the entire suite. Having centralized trash locations will help reduce customer costs. 
  • Recycle bins/service - Extra recycling bins are provided free of charge if used properly. The Recycling & Waste Reduction Program will provide extra containers for temporary use after the work order is received. 



For any Capital Asset items, please follow instructions here:

For non-Capital Asset items/furniture/electronics/misc items, please see link here: 

Check for free drop-off events for furniture and electronics. The “Bulky & E-waste Schedule” can be found on the Recycling & Waste Reduction homepage ( Dates are subject to change and confirmation of events are emailed to the campus 1 week prior to the event.


After Move Cleaning

After the move and when leftover furniture is removed, submit a Facilities Work Order ( for Custodial Services to perform a final cleaning of the space. (Department COA required)




Moving from LHTS to WGVCV:

UCSF’s general departmental policy that when occupants are vacating a space, they are required to leave the space in broom clean condition.  They are responsible for removing all equipment that is not braced or part of the building.  The intent of the “broom clean” requirement is that, if needed, a different department might just move right in, no cleaning required.  There should be no damaged furniture remaining that a new occupant would need to repair or remove.  If there are large furnishings that are in good condition, they don’t need to be removed as long as they are properly braced and do not create a hazard for a new tenant moving into the space. The area should be cleared within 2 weeks of the move date.


Bring all personal valuables home with you when you come in to pack

The project and move team are not responsible for any personal items lost or damaged during the move – please bring any of your personal items home with you. For any University valuables, there is a 1 week timeframe to submit claims.


 “Broom Clean” Items to be Remove

If you are still determining what to keep and what to remove, here are a few guidelines:

  • Standard workstations and office furniture that are not damaged or listed below can stay.
  • Anything that is mounted to the wall can stay.
  • Anything that is damaged should be removed: old chairs, cabinets w/o keys
  • All furnishings, plants, and accessories need to be removed
  • All boxes and miscellaneous materials need to be removed
  • All 5 high cabinets need to be removed

If there are additional questions, please take pictures of the items and we can help figure it out.



  • Please leave keys for the furniture with each cabinet.  Insert these into the locks.
  • Please ensure main suite entry doors are locked. If there are keys for the suite doors, these should be returned to the lock shop (Parnassus Customer Service Desk (Nursing Building - N241)
  • All interior doors should be unlocked, insert keys into the locks.


Resources for proper disposal of items



Contact Info

Bulky Items +



[email protected]

Non-capital Asset Items for surplus, hauling, liquidation

Hire an outside vendor, Corovan, to bring items directly to landfill

Corovan Contact

Lynne Lamborn [email protected]

For smaller surplus jobs, you can submit a ticket to UCSF Logistics for disposal of items. Note there may be longer than usual lead times with this option.


UCSF Logistics

[email protected]


Blue Sky helps find non-profits to donate items before recycling/landfilling anything that can’t be recovered or reused

Blue Sky
Moving - iReuse Hauling
415.485.6767   office

[email protected]



All electronics must be funneled through Oyster Point or the Recycling Program

[email protected]

[email protected]

Capital Asset tagged items, freezers/ refrigerators

These items must go through Oyster Point, no matter which vendor/department used to dispose of items


Transport to Oyster point via vendor of choice then submit a ticket [email protected]

Haz Mat items

Any hazardous materials, liquids, batteries, etc. should be properly disposed of through EH&S