Conference Room Reservation


Conference Owner Access: full privileges; should only be given to floor manager/floor corodinator/chagne agent. Can edit everyone's calendar events. Gives "Scheduler access".

Scheduler Access: can add and delete their own calendar events. This can be given to occupants on the floor who want to be in charge of their own scheduling or a central department scheduling administator.

  • Contact your Floor Conference Owner to get Scheduler Access.


WGVCV Conference Rm Reservation- INstructions (For MAC)

WGVCV Conference Rm Reservation- INstructions (For Windows)

Adding Room Schedulers

Conference Room & Owner List (To be added)

 Conference rooms are reserved and managed by each floor. Rooms located on a particular floor are priortized to that floor.

  • To reserve conference rooms on other floors, contact the floor owner. See list above.