Elevator Feature - Destination Dispatch

Destination Dispatch Elevators

The elevators for the tower are equipped with the Destination Dispatch system which requires Access/ID cards to be activated for use and floor access privileges.

1)    To use, press the destination floor number at any kiosk and swipe card at the bottom of the kiosk

2)     If access is granted, the kiosk will indicate which elevator cab (A-D) to use

3)     Enter specified cab. The destination floor number will appear at the cab entry door jamb.

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A few items to note about the elevator:






  • There are no floor selection buttons inside the elevator. If you enter the wrong cab or go to the wrong floor, you will need to exit the elevator and use the kiosk with access card to call the elevator to the desired floor.
  • If the passenger enters an elevator and it does not move, and there is no floor number on the display panel by the upper part of the door. They need to press the door open button to open the door to exit the elevator.
  • The elevator does not know the number of passengers entering the elevator. If a group of people are going to the same floor, then additional passengers press their desired floor. It will assign the elevator to go to those desired floors also even though the additional passengers did not get into the elevator.
  • The elevator does not know about the COVID-19 maximum occupancy amount and will assign more people than the maximum amount. Thus passengers will stop at additional floors than desired. One possible solution is to wait until one elevator leaves and then start to push the desired floor. Or to group passengers by floor to avoid having unnecessary stops.