Move Meetings & Presentations

MOve Meetings- November 2019 (Powerpoint)

Kickoff Presentation- April 2019 (Powerpoint)


Valley Tower (North Wing)

480 16th Street (corner of 16th and 3rd Streets)

Floor 1: Lobby, Conference Annex, Cafe

Floor 2: Bakar Computational Health Sciences Institute (BCHSI)

Floor 3: School of Pharmacy and Hotel Hub

Floors 4 -6: Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost (EVCP)

Floors 7-10: School of Medicine

Floor 11: Office of Diversity and Outreach, University Relations, School of Dentistry, School of Nursing

Floor 12: School of Nursing

Center for Vision (South Wing)

490 Illinois Street (Ilinois Street between 16th and Mariposa Streets)

Floor 1: Lobby and patient entrance

Floor 2: Francis I. Proctor Foundation

Floor 3: Patient care

Floor 4: Patient care

Floor 5: Department of Ophthalmology



Frequently asked questions from above presentations:


  1. Will there be additional space for storage on the floor (i.e. bookshelves or cabinets) aside from the one storage room? We are working closely with the project manager to identify all spaces where additional bookshelves can be installed on the floors. A storage package is being developed and will be shared. The building will not accommodate all current storage and compromises will have to be made.
  2. Can we put filing cabinets along the wall? There are height and space limitations in the building. The storage package that is being developed will identify any areas on the floor where additional storage can be added.
  3. Can we bring our own bookcases that we've paid for? There are height and space limitations in the building so departments who have existing bookshelves and cabinets may not be able to bring those items. We will inventory and measure items and decide as the project moves along whether any existing items can be moved.
  4. Can we store file cabinets between workstations? One Work Place is developing a 'kit of parts' that will include individual pieces departments can purchase for their space. The kit of parts will include small under the desk file cabinets that meet code requirements.


  1. Will my Laurel Heights parking pass be transferrable to Mission Bay parking? No, it will not be directly transferrable. You will hav to sign-up for a new Mission Bay pass as they are sepreate location permits. At this time, UCSF employees based in the Center for Vision on Block 33 will be eligible for parking at Mission Bay.
  2. What are the available methods of completing and submitting an application for a Mission Bay parking permit?
    1. online?
    2. if in person, where?
  3. Will there be a waitlist? Currently, there is no waitlist for parking at Mission Bay.
  4. When should I contact the Parking Office? The parking office does not pre-sale permits. One or two days prior to the move, an employee can come to the MB office to purchase a permit.  Be sure the employee’s campus address is updated before coming to the parking office. 
  5. Is there a way to get priority for Mission Bay parking? Not at this time as parking is directly tied to home work location.
  6. Can the move team coordinate with Transportation to come to Laurel Heights to streamline the parking pass process for future CVN occupants moving? We are working closely with the Transportation Services team and expect to have events at Laurel Heights to answer questions and support all occupants moving from Laurel Heights to Center for Vision. A survey was sent to all Change Agents to gather infomration on LHTS groups and parking need.
  7. What MB parking lots/buildings will be open to what faculty/staff?
    1. Can anyone access the new parking structure across the lot from the new hospital?
      1. Do certain permits give you access to certain lots/buildings?

Transportation & Commuting

  1. Will the new shuttle routes be added? No new routes are planned although suggestions are always welcomed.
  2. Will a direct shuttle from Mount Zion be added? The exisiting Gold and Blue shuttles currently connect Mission Bay and Mt. Zion.  Adding busses to this direct route is yet to  be determined.
  3. How will traffic be mitigated during event days (Giants, Warriors)? Warrior’s arena event attendees will be encouraged to use public transit and off-site parking options. MUNI is completing an expansion of the Mission Bay stop.  A new ferry terminal is planned near the Warrior’s arena; accommodations for other other ridesharing modes are planned by the Warriors.
  4. Is there a new Mission Bay ferry? There is a limited service ferry that has begun servicing Mission Bay at Pier 52 as of April 1, 2019. There will be two morning runs from the Berkeley Marina and Pier 1.5 (near the Ferry building), and two evening runs.  The trip takes about 45 minutes, including the intermediate stop at Pier 1.5.  Ticket info here: With the Warriors stadium opening as well as other UCSF buildings, I imagine there will be further development of a Mission Bay ferry station.


  1. How many Bike spaces? There are 74 bike stalls and we are working with Transportation Services to identify how these stalls will be assigned, managed, etc.
  2. How many showers? There are 4 men's showers, 4 women's showers and 1 gender neutral shower. We ware working with Campus Life Services and Facilities Services to identify how these will be shared and maintained.
  3. Will there be a dishwasher in the town center? No, dishwashers are not maintained by Facilities and the issues of who handles the dirty/clean dishes would create an operational problem. Dishwashers can be installed after the fact if the floor committee decides this is something worth having---on a floor by floor basis. All costs associated with purchasing, installing and maintaining a dishwasher are the responsibility of the occupant departments.
  4. Who will have access to the Hoteling Hub? How many seats are available? Hoteling hub is a UCSF resource to accommodate colleagues who are visiting from other campus sites, waiting in between meetings and need a touch down space for a couple of hours or a day. A proposal is being developed for how to best manage the hub and information will be shared when a decision has been made. There is a capcity of around 73 seats, which includes couches, soft seating, height adjustable desks, etc. There will also be day use lockers. Details will be shared including layout, access, etc as we solidify the information.

Building Governance

  1. Will all occupant groups have a representative in the floor level working groups?
  2. Who has been appointed to the building level committee?
  3. How will requests for additional space be processed?

Mail Service

  1. How will mail be distributed? Yes, mail will be delivered daily to each floor. Each floor has a mailroom.
  2. Will there be daily pickup? Yes.


HIPPA Compliance

  1. What does HIPAA compliant behavior in an open plan workplace look like? Refernce 
  2. What tools could be suggested or will be provided? Refernce
  3. What modifications in behavior are suggested/needed?Refernce