WGVCV Move Team


The most important members of the move team are the Change Agents. Do you know who your Change Agent is? Review this list and reach out to them for information.

  • Carolyn Tuft is responsible for direction, training and project management for processing paper records prior to the move. Space planning for records and other physical materials in the CVN. Guidance on storage furniture.
  • Cristina Morrison is responsible for change management efforts in working in open plan, building and floor governance guidance for working in open plan, including shared costs, shared resources, building community, etiquette, etc. Support for occupants moving to a new campus location – commute, resources, amenities, etc. Communication tools and presentations for all staff and faculty in partnership with change agents, including online users guide
  • Leon Gardiner, from MHS & Associates, Move Coordination contracted firm is responsible for 1) General CVN move planning coordination and move activity work planning for staff moves to offices and workstations (excluding patient areas); which will include logistics, move-materials, move-guidelines, and instructions;  2) Facilitate development of the staff Move List Matrix and Move Schedule in concert with the CVN move team and UCSF department/division representatives;  3) On-site supervision and point-of-contact for move company crews, including: pre-move, move-day, and post-move activities.
  • Luis Vite partners with Cristina Morrison on change management efforts, shared costs and communications with occupants.
  • Pam Willars is the Project Manager with RTKL, the equipment consultant specialist.
  • Patrick McGee is the CVN Construction Project Manager responsible for managing project progress, budget, costs, and quality. Communicates with stakeholders regarding the project program. Coordinates with state agency officials to ensure compliance and safety.
  • Scott Ohara is responsible for all IT related items, network connectivity (network outlets, Wi-Fi and DAS for cellular), workstations, all printers and telephones, coordination for all clinical and business applications, network connectivity for clinical devices and clinical monitoring systems, configuration, installation testing and go-live support during building activation of all IT related devices and systems.   Transition for all IT related items to the UCSF IT, Clinical Systems and Clinical Engineering  operations teams
  • Tom Hochmuth is the Associate Project Manager in UCSF Medical Center Design and Construction who will primarily focus on the two Ophthalmology clinics at ACC 6th floor, the 5th floor at UC Hall and the Proctor Foundation Clinic. Tom will be responsible for the relocation of people, boxes and PC’s. Tom will also coordinate with RTKL in the relocation of the Medical Equipment.